Ducting for cooker hoods

tubo per cappa

The cooker hood: attractive, but also functional.

In order for a hood to extract the fumes and odours generated when cooking food, it is essential that it is well installed. The hood qualities can be extremely well expressed when it is connected to the outlet hole in the wall, which must be present in the kitchen. It is necessary that the connection is made through the hood pipes specially suitable for this purpose. The ducting can be made with round or rectangular pipes (flat ducts). The latter can be hidden on the kitchen wall cupboard. Our experts are at your complete disposal to solve any problem concerned with aeration, ventilation and air ducting in the kitchen.

GRAVITY GRILLE - VIDEO. Grille with gravity shutters. Maximum closing from external air and insects, and maximum opening when the hood is functioning.

Our range of pipes includes metallic paint solutions, overcoming the aesthetics-related problems in case of visible pipes. Furthermore – if necessary – all our pipes can be customized in any colour, as they can be painted.

All our hood pipes are eco-friendly, complying with rules and regulations in force and with recyclability standards.


tubo per cappa cucina

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